Conversion Tools

White Label-ready Digital Solutions. InSequent has a suite of Conversion-focused digital solutions you can offer your clients under your own brand. From our mobile website builder & Social Media Managment platform with Facebook Ads Manager to our on-site conversion tools like Polls, Quizzes & Calculators and our AI Bot builder – you can offer local businesses world-class solutions that fit their needs and grow their business.


Conversion Tools

Calculators, Quizzes & Polls

A full suite of tools to increase conversions on your websites and social media pages. Polls, quizzes and calculators are all fantastic conversion tools that outperform simple landing pages and contact us forms. Give your visitors more information to help themselves qualify themselves and convert to customers!

Proven Conversion Tools
  • Calculators: allow customers to create basic estimates for services
  • Quizzes: allow customers to pre-qualify themselves by answering simple questions
  • Polls: allow your customers to join others in easy to use polls that will help them decide the next course of interaction with your business


True Lead Gen & Capture

Our Conversion calculators are designed to capture and qualify visitors with engaging & helpful content. Instead of landing on an Offer Page, our Calculators will engage the visitor with qualifying content designed to convert visitors to pre-qualified leads.

Our dashboard will walk you through the creation of the calculator and it can be placed on your website, inside online ads & on your Facebook page.

  • Pre-qualified site visitors with engaging content and not just another offer page
  • Works on your website, inside online ads or on your Facebook page
  • Capture leads as soon as they land on your page and begin engagement
  • Easy to use interface allows you to build custom calculators in minutes



Pre-qualify Site Visitors

Quizzes are a great way to engage site visitors with content that is fun and converts visitors to leads

These quizzes are easy to create and can be shared everywhere

Add offers to your quizzes and watch them go viral from Facebook or other social media shares.

our easy to use builder allows you to customize these quizzes in minutes and start converting visitors immediately

  • Customized content for any vertical
  • Easy to use dashboard to build quizzes in minutes
  • Capture pre-qualified leads not just site visits
  • Engaging content increases conversion rates


Ask Questions to Convert Visitors

Use our Polling tool to prequalify site visitors with content that engages, not sells

Asking questions is much better than asking for the sale from a first time visitor

Your leads are now pre-qualified and ready for contact and follow up.
By asking the right questions before you waste time on follow up your conversion rates will increase dramatically

Our easy to use dashboard walks you through the set up process and allows you to set up and go, leaving your website and Facebook page to capture leads while you run your business.

  • Easy set up using our dashboard
  • Use these polls on your websites,
    landing pages & ads or your Facebook page
  • Ask questions first instead of asking for the sale on first visits
  • Increased conversion rates and less time wasted on non-qualified leads


How It Works

Add these simple to use tools to your website and watch your conversion rates skyrocket and the quality of your leads increase. Allowing customers to pre-qualify themselves by estimating costs, asking prequlifying questions and taking part in polls makes it easier to convert them to paying customers once contact is made!

  • 1. Calculators

    Our easy to use Calculators allow leads to generate a basic estimate of costs for services or products.

  • 2. Quizzes

    Customers will love interacting with these simple quizzes to help them to prequalify for your products or services.

  • 3. Polls

    Customers love to participate in polls to see how they match up to others. Your polls can help you to qualify leads before you spend time on them!