Our AI-powered ChatBot for your website or app will increase conversions is ready-to-go in minutes. Easy to build, brand & maintain our Chatbot learns your business and becomes smarter everyday. Use them for e-commerce to decrease cart abandonment, customer service to answer questions when your business is closed or in app to increase conversions. Our AI-powered Chatbots are always on and always ready to work for your business.




Our AI Bot builder allows you to build customer service and lead capture Bots that become smarter with every customer interaction and are there for you when you cant be! Your customers and leads are visiting your Facebook page and website every day while you are conducting other business. Don't let those leads get away and start engaging with them 24 hours a day with Insequent AI Bots.

Artificial Intelligence makes our Bots Smarter
  • Talk to your customers on their schedule not yours
  • Bots are constantly learning to serve yoru customers better
  • East to use dashboard your Bot can be up and running today

AI-Powered Customer Service

Intelligent Customer Service & Lead Capture

You can’t answer every inquiry whether they are emails, forms submissions or phone calls but our AI Bot can be there when you are not.

Our Artificial intelligence-powered Bots can be set up easily and launched immediately and become smarter everyday.

Save time and costs associated with inquiries that could be handled by our intelligent Bots. Your internal resources can be redeployed to more profitable tasks while your customers receive the answers they need.

Our Bots can capture leads and site visitors while you conduct your business or even when you are “closed.”

  • Capture leads and visitors quickly and easily
  • Answer questions and inquiries even while your business is closed
  • Our Bots are smart and only become smarter over time
  • Easy to use and to set up – you can have a Bot hired and working in minutes


Lower Your Costs

Intelligent Bots Work 24x7

A real human can’t always be there for your customer service and lead capture needs. An AI Bot never sleeps and never needs a day off.

Not only are our Bots there everyday, they actually become smarter through machine learning.

These easy to set up tools can answer simple and increasingly complex inquiries as they learn your business and your customers.

Lower your costs of doing business and let your team focus on other tasks while your Bot answers the questions.

  • Bots lower your customer service costs
  • Our Bots work for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy set up and launch – your Bot can start work today
  • Let your team focus on revenue generating tasks while your Bot takes care of day-to-day inquiries

Capture More Leads

Lead Capture even while you sleep

In today’s world your customers expect instant answers even when normal business hours are over.

And your perfect customer might knock on your door when you least expect it.

Our Bots excel not only at answering inquiries but also at Lead Capture. By engaging your prospect while they are on your site or Facebook page and capturing key contact information while they answer questions you leads now have a reason to hear from you as a follow up contact. No more late night visitors who disappear in the night, our Bots capture these leads and deliver them to you immediately.

  • Bots capture Leads while they answer questions and inquiries
  • Give your business a 24 hour a day Open sign
  • Turn lost website visitors into actionable Leads even when you are closed


How It Works

SImply put an AI Bot uses keywords and phrases to "learn" more about your business and your customers. Using our Bots on Facebook, website and inside your digital ads allows you to capture more leads and convert more visitors than a simple contact form. Watch your visitors turn into conversions at a much higher rate then ever before and allow your customers and leads to interact with your business on their schedule not yours!

  • 1. Interact with customers 24x7

    Our Bots are always on duty and ready to answer and capture site visitors 24x7!

  • 2. Lead Capture and Conversion

    Your visitors don't have to fill out a form, call or send an email to be captured. When leads interact on Facebook we automatically capture their contact info so you can follow up!

  • 3. AI Bots get smarter over time

    In the first 30 days of interaction, our Bots will learn how to answer more inquiries and provide better answers to your leads. Leading to increased conversions and better ROI.