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Our Landing Page Builder lets you Create, Optimize & Deliver your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Traffic

(build pages in minutes, no coding skills required)

Users behave differently depending on which device they are using. Our “adaptive” landing page builder lets you create unique and engaging content for each audience segment. Responsive design only formats the look & feel whereas Adaptive design formats look, feel AND content thereby optimizing traffic on any device.

“Customizing mobile experiences is ridiculously easy”

“As a digital brand strategist, being able to create visually compelling sites is critical but even more important is the ability to optimize our clients’ content for higher conversions. This builder is intuitive and customizing mobile experiences is ridiculously easy and so important in this day and age. #FanForLife”


Best Selling Author / Digital Brand Strategist

Mobile Users Behave Differently

Insequent Lets You Create Optimized Experiences For Every Device

Succeed Where Responsive Fails

Adaptive design is the answer

When it comes to mobile conversions, responsive design fails miserably. Adaptive design is different because it gives you the necessary design freedom to create unique and engaging content for each audience segment.

Drag & Drop Features That Convert

A full suite of field-tested, mobile-specific features

The web’s leading CRO experts have discovered that app-like features can deliver huge improvements in mobile conversions. We’ve included these powerful features as drag & drop widgets in our intuitive builder,allowing you to deploy a brilliant mobile experience with just a few clicks.


Getting Started Is Easy

With Our Designer Templates Built To Convert

Optimize Your Entire Funnel

From landing page to thank-you in one builder

What’s the point of a flawless landing page if the user gets tripped up on the click-through page? We make sure you have everything you need to safely secure the lead, allowing you to create an entire conversion funnel – from landing page to popup form to thank-you page – all in the same builder!

Advanced A/B Testing by Device

Simultaneously split-test across every device type

ALWAYS BE TESTING! You’ve read it 1,000 times but the statistics say you probably aren’t doing it nearly enough. Why? Because it’s complicated, time-consuming, and most testing tools are too lightweight to give you meaningful data.

Our advanced A/B testing function lets you create test variations in minutes and shows you exactly how users are behaving across every device.

“Insequent has thought about the challenges of mobile and solved them”

“I’ve been waiting for a landing page solution that delivered an outstanding mobile and video experience. It’s clear that Insequent has thought about the design and delivery challenges mobile brings and solved them. If you’re not satisfied with your current mobile conversion levels, you should definitely check out Insequent.”


Founder / JobViddy.com

This Will Take You 7 Minutes

Create funnel variations in a fraction of the time and effort

Our builder is so easy, your intern could create a variation for each device with unique content, functionality, navigation and even add a sticky header and click to scroll feature in less than seven minutes.