Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get on Top of Search


You have competitors, make sure customers see your name first


Keyword Discovery

We mine keywords from a wide range of sources, tapped in real time to bring you the most accurate and relevant suggestions:

  • Intelligent database generates semantically-related keywords

  • Google AdWords is used to determine the most popular keywords

  • Google Analytics displays keywords used by your website visitors

  • Content analysis of your website as well as those of the competitors in order to extract the most relevant keywords

360 Site Audit

Analytics for identifying issues that are impeding top ranking. Our ranking operates on an Artificial Intelligence model that is built on real website positioning cases. For each case the system calculates a series of factors and recommends actions that enhance SEO.

SEO vs. PPC Planner

Our Search Media Planner tells you where to point your online marketing dollars. With calculations and intelligent analysis based on AI and data mining, our SEO tool generates budget allocation recommendations that lead to the best positioning results for your website.

SEO Tools

The toolset includes a broad range of easy-to-use tools that help agencies and in-house SEO specialists alike with every aspect of SEO project development. For each page you get tools that analyze:

  • Links

  • Keywords

  • URLs

  • Rankings

  • Pages indexed

  • Keyword difficulty

  • Social bookmarking

  • Competitive comparison