Send Thousands of Emails Just Like You’d Send One

Your Customer Contacts are Everything

  • Upload your existing contacts in a snap

  • Store them securely

  • Manage them efficiently

  • Find them all in one place whether on your computer or phone

  • Sign-up forms make it easy for customers to opt-in

Easy-to-use Sign-up Forms

  • Easily added to your websites and landing pages

  • Works great on desktop and mobile

  • Makes it easy to capture contact info

  • Build your list one customer at a time

Choose from Hundreds of Templates

  • 100’s of templates for every business type

  • Fully customizable to match any brand

  • Add you own templates for easy changes to new campaigns

  • Build libraries for every client for scheduled delivery

Measure your Results

  • How many did you send

  • Who opened

  • Who clicked

  • Where and when

  • Everything you need to know in one easy to view report