Digital Marketing Tools & Content Management System for Local

   Mission Control for your digital marketing

Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Single site content management for every screen. Edit and update any time to keep fresh and current.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Use our Mobile Website tool to instantly convert your desktop site to mobile-optimized in seconds.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Place ads where your target customers are – search engines and social media sites.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Connect with your best customers. Send offers to bring them in on a slow night.

SEO & Site Audit

SEO & Site Audit

SEO tools including an analysis of your keywords, website, Social Media, Mobile, Usability and more.

Responsive Websites Look Great on Every Screen!

Today’s mobile consumers expect easy to view content no matter which device they are using. Don’t turn off mobile visitors. Go responsive and put your best (digital) foot forward.

  • Fully responsive so your site looks great on any screen

  • SEO optimized to help you get found when customers are searching

  • Convert your existing site to a fully responsive in as little as one day

  • Edit content and images any time to keep your site fresh and curretn

Mobile Websites Optimize your Desktop Site for any Handheld Device

If your website is not mobile-friendly you are losing valuable prospects who will exit if they land on a website that is not mobile-friendly. Insequent’s platform makes your website mobile-friendly in seconds!

  • For businesses that do not currently have a mobile-ready website

  • For those who dont want a responsive website immediately

  • Action-oriented. Click-to-Call/Map are front and center

  • Focused on converting visitors to customers

Online Advertising

Advertise on Search Engines and Social Networks

Paid Search places your business text ad at the top of, and next to, keyword search results. Our paid search goes one critical step further than other providers by bench-marking your business against similar businesses and suggesting concrete ways to improve your ad results. It’s another great way to get discovered online.

Instantly Design Display Ads

Display ads appear in apps, mobile sites and desktop sites. They build brand awareness and drive leads to your website or landing pages. InSequent360 Display allows you to create an entire suite of mobile and desktop display ads with just a few clicks, drags & drops. You can then deploy them across our ad networks for national or hyper-local exposure on sites that appeal to your customer demographic.

SMS Marketing & Mobile Coupons

SMS Marketing

Fill up your shop or restaurant on a slow day. Text messaging reaches consumers wherever they are and are opened within minutes 95% of the time. Reward your loyal customers with special offers and keep a steady flow of customers when you need them.

  • Send to 10 or 10,000 in seconds

  • Customers text your Keyword to 55411 to opt-in

  • Promote special events and offers to drive traffic and revenue

  • Great for Realtors, Auto Dealers, Spas, Restaurants, Churches, Clubs…

  • At less than $.01/message, no one is cheaper

Mobile Coupons

Create special offers that entice customers to visit you. Digital coupons and deals promoted on your website, social outlets, email and text campaigns drive traffic and are a great way bring in new customers and keep your best customers coming back for more.

SEO Platform

We use Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining techniques to optimize SEO and find the right mix of SEO and PPC

Keyword Discovery Tool

We mine keywords from a wide range of sources, tapped in real-time to bring you the most accurate and relevant suggestions:

  • Intelligent database executes a stemming process that generates semantically-related keywords

  • Google AdWords is used to determine the most popular keywords

  • Google Analytics displays keywords used by your website visitors

  • Content analysis of your website as well as those of the competitors in order to extract the most relevant keywords

matrix dashboard 1


Site Audit & Competitive Analysis

Analytics for identifying issues that are impeding top ranking. Our ranking operates on an Artificial Intelligence model that is built on real website positioning cases. For each case the system calculates a series of factors and recommends actions that enhance SEO.

Organic Traffic & Cost Forecasting

In order to determine optimal keywords, Matrix SEO provides a list of top keywords that you can easily win at less working cost. We bring these into the overall SEO project by offering helpful follow-up features such as:

  • Forecast of future positioning and traffic based on these keywords

  • Month-to-month forecast, adjusting for seasonal and industry-based variations

  • Level of difficulty and hours needed to implement changes

  • Percentage of reliability of the estimate

  • Competitor comparison

  • Cost in hours of SEO task implementation

matrix dashboirad 2

PPC Compare

SEO & PPC Planner

Our Search Media Planner tells you where to point your online marketing dollars. With calculations and intelligent analysis based on AI and data mining, Matrix SEO generates budget allocation recommendations that lead to the best positioning results for your website.

SEO Tools

The toolset includes a broad range of easy-to-use tools that help agencies and in-house SEO specialists alike with every aspect of SEO project development. For each page you get tools that analyze:

  • Links

  • Keywords

  • URLs

  • Rankings

  • Pages Indexed

  • Keyword difficulty

  • Social bookmarking

  • Competitive comparison

SEO Roadmap

Ever wish you had a constant source of sound advice about where to focus your SEO efforts? Based on SEO-centric calculations it factors in traffic forecasts and expected costs and comes up with a list of concrete recommendations for each website.

For each recommended action identified by the audit, Matrix offers guidance on how to proceed including a keyword density tool, off-page action items, description of links needed, and a list of sites where links can be placed.

SEO Ranking

We’ve developed a dynamic system of SEO ranking that explains and determines the importance of a variety of SEO factors. The assessment of each relevance factor is based on the “information gain” it contributes to the overall positioning.

Landing Page Generator

A built-in landing page generator creates optimized landing pages to field organic traffic. It leverages long tail keyword combinations to maximize traffic.

Matrix tracking

Tracking & Analytics

We deliver continued support throughout the search marketing project cycle with site performance monitoring tools. It tracks the evolution of the SEO factors affecting your project, continually gathering positioning-related keyword information and providing graphical competitor performance comparisons.